Sulfur state at 20 degrees

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Sulfur is a solid. Its melting point is 115. 21 0C, See related link for further information.Sulfur dioxide (SO 2), formed by burning sulfur in air, is used as a bleaching agent, solvent, disinfectant and as a refrigerant. When combined with water (H 2 O), sulfur dioxide forms sulfurous acid (H 2 SO 3 ), a weak acid that is a major component of acid rain. sulfur state at 20 degrees

Sep 22, 2007 What is an element that is a gas at 20 degrees celcius? and 1 atmosphere pressure i need big help. Follow. 2 answers 2. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? What is the state of these 2 elements? What are they. please help? Answer Questions.

Physical Properties of Sulfur Near the Polymerization Transition. V. F. Kozhevnikov1, W. B. Payne1, J. K 82. 35, 62. 60, 36. 20. Ng, 76. 30. v. INTRODUCTION Sulfur, one of the most interesting elements of the periodical table, exhibits a wide variety of allotropes presence of polymers in liquid sulfur in lowviscous state above and below the SULFUR DIOXIDE is a colorless gas with a choking or suffocating odor. Boiling point 10C. Heavier than air. Very toxic by inhalation and may irritate the eyes and mucous membranes.sulfur state at 20 degrees In this test, mice are exposed to an atmosphere of 80 sulfur hexafluoride and 20 oxygen for 1620 hr and must show no visible effects from the gas. Evans FE,

Potassium would of melted by the time it reached 20 degrees Celsius So the state would be 'Melted' ) sulfur state at 20 degrees What is the state of sulfur at 20 degrees Celsius? Sulfur is a solid. Its melting point is 115. 21 0 C, See related link for further information. Share to: What is speed of sound at 20 degree centigrade? Speed of sound is c 331 0. 6 T. T Temperature. What Is the Texture of Sulfur? The texture of sulfur depends upon the form that it takes, and it may be powdery, bumpy or smooth. Sulfur is a relatively common substance on Earth, and it is an important component of a number of geochemical and biological processes. State at 20C: Solid Key isotopes 32 S Electron configuration Sulfur is mentioned 15 times in the Bible, and was best known for destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. It was also known to the ancient Greeks, and burnt as a fumigant. Sulfur was mined near Mount Etna in Sicily and used for bleaching cloth and preserving wine, both of which involved

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